In an effort not to completely burst out of my clothes while feasting on dim sum, egg tarts, and Chinese French toast every day while shooting in Hong Kong (and then vacay in Thailand) in December, I’ve decided to healthily boycott carbs and only consume veggies and protein in the next two weeks leading to my departure. I’ve never done this before and for those of you who know me, this sounds absolutely ridiculous and out of character. “It’s only 2 weeks,” I say to myself. “Think of all the mind-blowing food you'll be indulging all next month!” “You can’t keep eating like you’re 19, you know.” I’ve rationalized almost every option and I’m way determined: “I can do this!” I text my co-worker Nancy who’s joining in me on this crazy adventure. Of course, my gluttonous self kicks in pretty quickly and I’ve already planned for a grace day— just before leaving for Asia, I’ve agreed to have a massive feast at Libretto with some friends… it’s just one day! That’s okay, right? I’ll let you know my progress. Fingers crossed!
Today's menu:
Breakfast: Museli and milk
Lunch: Salad of spring mix, corn, avocado, tomatoes, cucumber, feta and cajun spiced chicken breast with honey Dijon dressing
Dinner: Tom yum soup with enoki mushrooms, celery, corn and peas, and egg salad