On Friday, I went to Mitch from Born Ruffians house, where he and Luke were eagerly awaiting to shoot the first "In the Kitchen with...". Waiting for me and the crew was some homemade dip that Mitch made, with veggies and chips. What a sweet host. "In the Kitchen with..." is a new segment that I created where I visit the kitchens of some of my favourite local bands and cook their favourite meal together.

The boys were so much fun as we tackled Mitch's strip loin steak sandwich recipe. For more photos, check out my Fickr.


Afterwards, Luke performed a song off their new album "Say It" called Oh Man. The album's out June 1st and it's damn good. Like really damn good.


Look out for more "In the Kitchen with..."! Great bands, good food, and sweet tunes. Why didn't I start this earlier?!

Check out the cooking sesh and recipe below:

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