While the G20 was happening in Toronto this weekend, I escaped for a 4-day vacay in steaming hot New York City. Since it was hard to be outside without dripping profusely in sweat, my friends and I kept our cool by shopping in stores with ice cold AC and staying in at our friend Benni's place in the West Village. Here's a couple of restaurants we found refuge in nearby:

In the Chelsea Market:
Ronnybrook is actually the place to go to for organic farm dairy, but who wants to drink milk in 93 degree weather? I recommend that you grab a mint lemonade (it looks like wheatgrass but tastes like a virgin mojito).

I always get a cinnamon and sugar challah knot when I go to Amy's Bread. It's sweet doughy goodness.

If you're looking for something more substantial, I love dropping by Friedmans for brunch. The menu is seasonal and on this trip, my friend and I shared The Breakfast Sandwich (scrambled eggs, bacon, avocado, and Monterey Jack cheese on toasted sourdough bread) and the Smoked Salmon Platter. It'll leave you feeling fulfilled and  rejuvenated enough to beat the heat.

While at Chelsea Market, you'll see the quirky photos from Dave Mead. You'll recognize the photos from the ones featured at the Mohawke in Austin, TX.

Another great brunch spot is at The Standard Grill. The atmosphere when we went was very chill, and the decor is fresh and classic. I recommend starting with the home-raised donuts and the eggs benedict.

For days when we just wanted to stay in our cold apartment, we ordered from Fat Sal's (get the margherita pizza and the baked zeti!) and Westville (the slightly sweet bun on the burgers are so soft and delicious).

I wish I could order ALL of that right now...