As stoked as I was to meet up with all the rad bands in town for Bestival, it was meeting Edward and Gloria Minghella that was on the top of my list. I'm a huge fan of their late son, the supremely talented director and writer, Anthony Minghella, and am also a big lover of ice cream, which Edward and Gloria have made a business out of.

After meeting the Minghella's at their factory, they took me to Gossips cafe which is right by the pier and is such a gorgeous setting for a Sunday brunch. Coming from the city, it was refreshing to breathe the clean air and feel the cool breeze of the autumn approaching. I also had the honour of selecting a new ice cream flavour called "the Enchanted Manor". After trying several flavours, I chose raspberry & champagne as the winner. I became obsessed with the ice cream (seriously, the richest and freshest you'll ever have) and ended up going back and trying more. 

I was beyond won over by the resilience and hospitality from the Minghella clan. Hearing Gloria reminisce about Anthony's dedication, talent and generosity was truly inspiring and really does help you put life into perspective. I was touched to have been able to have the opportunity to spend the day with Gloria and Edward. 

Much love and thanks to the Minghella's! xx

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