James Blake was my On the Radar pick of the week for his take on Feist's Limit To Your Love... I also played his forthcoming self-titled debut album (release date: February 7, 2011) while whipping up some Clean Eats this past weekend. Maybe it was Blake's songs or just my culinary prowess (ha!) but the dishes turned out deliciously well.

The following "Clean Eats" is my first attempt to somehow detox after a super-boozey holiday.

Warm Beet and Carrot Salad with Creamy Dill / Three Taste "Noodles"
This is probably the only type of "cleanse" I would ever do because you can actually eat- it's not one of those ridiculous 'cayenne pepper and maple syrup water' as meals for 2 weeks type of nonsense. It's basically a ton of fresh organic vegetables, grains and nuts done up in a really creative and flavourful way. But no sugar, no flour, no dairy... no burgers. I'm doing it for 5 days and currently on Day 3. Wish me luck (it's the damn burgers that always get me).


THREE TASTE "NOODLES" from Jenny Nelson's Clean Eats 
(I took out the anchovy fillets and amino acids out of my version)

from Jenny Nelson's Clean Eats
(I didn't have cashew butter so I used almond butter instead)