I’m only ever in L.A. for quick stops so I don’t really get to discover too many new places, but now that my good friend Dan has moved out there, I try to squeeze in an extra day or two. Here’s some new L.A. favs that I got to recently enjoy:

1721 N. Spring St.
I was totally blown away by the organization of this gigantic space- pieces were broken up by decades and styles with plenty of room to peruse. I walked away with a dope sweater and several vintage dresses including the one I ended up taking with me while shooting in Copenhagen.

641 N. Highland Avenue
This is a Mario Batalli offshoot so you know that you’re guaranteed a good meal. There is one other location in Singapore but this L.A. spot has a homey vibe and really great prices. I recommend the fresh burrata app and the fennel sausage, panna, red onion & scallions pizza. I didn’t get a chance to visit next-door‘s Osteria but apparently the mozzarella bar there is life changing.

7916 Sunset Blvd.
When I heard that the Griddle Café served red velvet pancakes, I was pretty adamant that this would be my brunch spot. I’m a “I like my sweet with my savoury” type of girl, so on top of ordering what they call the “panCAKE,” I ordered the “Some like it HOT Scramble” which consists of chicken tequila sausage, jack cheese, and tequila-spiked rancheros sauce topped with pico de gallo avocado and spicy chipotle sauce served with chili cheese bread. I swear, I didn’t eat all of this on my own… but let’s be honest, it’s not like I couldn’t.