For a much-needed long weekend getaway, I met up with my friend Afsaneh in Montreal. Afsaneh was driving in from Pennsylvania, while I flew in from Toronto... in the middle of hurricane Irene. So needless to say once we reached Montreal, we situated ourselves at our comfy hotel (Le Place d'Armes) and more than lovingly (desperately) accepted our welcome cocktails.
In pictures, highlights from our Shop, Eat and Drink Montreal 2011 trip:
The Little Shop
Garde Manger
Le Bremner
Pineapple Mojito and Raspberry Manhattan at Le Bremner
Oysters at Le Bremner
Homemade Donuts and Strawberry Shortcake at Le Bremner
Apple and Brie Crepe at Chez Suzette
Thrifting down Boulevard Saint Laurent
Eggs Royale at Lawrence
Lemon Curd Donuts at Lawrence
Lobster Tarte at Le Comptoir
The Sparrow
Spa day at Bota Bota