I've covered a hella amount of festivals for MTV in the last 6 years but one that I hadn't hit yet but still had a curiosity to check out was Coachella. It worked out that I was heading to L.A. to shoot some interviews on the Monday after the fest, so we flew down a day early, drove to the desert, and caught the last day of the first weekend. It's a pretty sweet set-up: perfect sunny weather, gorgeous people everywhere, and endless pool parties to chill at (all essential in forgetting the usual festival stress of hours trying to find parking in the middle of nowhere and then having to find said parking spot while being heckled by drunk DBs in pitch darkness after being out in the sun all day... these are the days of our lives, people).

Here's how "Coachella in a Day" went down:

Massive brunch treat from Ace Hotel to start the day: RICOTTA HOT CAKES with maple crunch butter, and banana, and CHILAQUILES with scrambled eggs, chiles, ranchero, and homemade corn tortilla chips.

Interview reunion with Girl Talk in Indian Wells.

Walking to the Lacoste pool party. 

With my awesome camera gal Nancy. 

People here looove their pool parties...

...with trunks riding low.

Obviously, after being around hot bods, we head straight for tacos. 

Horchata for a necessary cool-down.

Tacos Gonzalez: Al Pastor, Chorizo, and Chicken. 

Florence and the Machine riding on the happy train all set long. Such a delight to watch.

Girl Talk bringing it to an insane crowd. Still finding confetti in my hair.

Wiz Khalifa and Snoop. 'Nough said.

Got an early jump start and headed straight to Radiohead the night before.

Bumped into Danny Brown and got some cool stop-motion photos for our wrap-up piece.

Kind of a cheat-sheet to the Coachella experience but I'm getting old y'all so this was the perfect dose!