Day 1 in Photos, Raw and Unfiltered:

Checked into the gorgeous Lone Hotel in Rovinj, in the late afternoon. Greeted by fresh toffee, Jana water, a Malin + Goetz bath set, and a beautiful balcony that leads to, what else, an infinity pool that I won't have time to touch- too many truffles to hunt and eat, too little time.

A walk from behind the hotel near the protected Zlatni rt forest park leads to a path to old Rovinj, passing Mulini Beach.

I have a light sweater coat on but these yoots are definitely feeling the springtime heat.

Men at work. Preserving one of the many fishing boats by the harbour.

Sun is beginning to set. Love how gorgeous the light is hitting the harbour.

Even the boats are racing to see the sunset. 

The water of the Adriatic is so stunningly clear and clean.

There is an incredible abundance of fresh seafood in Istria. This log full of sea urchin by the edge of the dock is a great example. 

See what I mean by the clear water? You can see right to the bottom of the sea. Amazing.

Docked and ready for dinner.

Signs in Croatia are in Italian and Croatian, reflecting the country's historic Italian rule.

Rovinj is such an utterly charming and romantic city, and impressively super clean (even the smooth cobblestone is sparkling).

Freshly lined laundry, cats on watch, and old stone walls. Rovinj delivers on the cute overload.

Dare to be blue.

Made it to the top of the hill of St. Euphemia to catch this gorgeous sunset over the Adriatic.

Church of St. Euphemia.

The oozing charm of Rovinj continues.

Dinner at Puntulina where we were sat on a terrace by the sea as the sun continued to go down.

The view as fresh sardines, anchovies, octopus, a variety of local white fish, and many pitchers of malvasia were served.

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