As I start to write this Ibiza recap, now back in Canadian temps and just seconds from hearing about a "snow squall" warning, I ask myself, "Was self-inflicted emotional torture on the to do list today?!" It's so hard to have experienced the gorgeous and carefree island of Ibiza and not wish you had stayed much longer (or never left!).

Here's Part 1 of some of my favorite moments in stunning Ibiza:

THIS was my home away from home in Ibiza - Can Lluc's villa #5.  Located right in the heart of the island's sunny countryside, Can Lluc is surrounded by beautiful mediterranean flowers and carob and olive trees. 

Being the "white island" most homes here are painted white, which is great for reflecting all those rays of sunshine and makes for such a fresh aesthetic. The white island's rich history started in the mid-20th century, after North Africa was occupied by France / pirates finally left Ibiza in peace. Before then, homes would have been too noticeable to spot across the sea if they were all painted bright white.

The upper town of Dalt Vila's fortified acropolis. A UNESCO heritage site, these grand walls were built to defend the Spanish crown's territories in the 16th century.

When you walk to the top of Dalt Vila, you're met with a beautiful view of the capital, Eivissa. Check out all those yachts and cruise ships, which dock many of the 1,902,746+ visitors a year to the island. With it being the end of September during my visit, we were able to miss the intense summer crowd and roam freely.

The vibe in Ibiza is so chill. I love it. While walking around the old town, this wonderful gentleman was found playing the sweetest songs. The perfect soundtrack to explore to.

Ibiza Museum of Contemporary Art, a 17th-century building including works by Tàpies and Miralles. Didn't get to make it inside this time around but word is that they have an extensive archive of precious engravings worth checking out.

Can't get enough of these pretty white homes and constant sunshine. Bonus: many of you know that I can be quite a vampire when it comes to the brutal summer heat but come fall time in Ibiza, the temperature here was ideal for me - the most comfortable and smile-inducing 23 degrees celsius #soothe.

A delicious olive stall at the fruit and veg market in the middle of town.

The overall vibe of fun and good times in Ibiza is contagious. Seriously, if you so much as start a frown on your face here, I don't want to know you.


While driving to lunch at El Carmen by Cala D'Hort beach, we stopped over at a great lookout point of the beach just around the bend. The different shades of blue in the water means that the sea is not very deep and is safe to swim.

Sand in your toes, the sound of beach waves in the background and delicious paella on your lap? I think they call that PARADISE. El Carmen knows.

Typical Ibiza dessert platter of flaò (tart made of goats and sheeps' milk) and greixonera (cake made of milk and eggs) at El Carmen.

It's no secret that I can't swim, yet I still partake in activities that require said skill. Kayaking towards the islet of Es Vedrà was no exception. For some reason, wearing a life-jacket makes me feel invincible in the water (smdh) and it was the most awe-inspiring way to slowly take in the island's beauty.

There's over 56 beaches in Ibiza and I got to take in some pretty amazing ones including Cala D'Hort (above) where our lunch was overlooking. 

Experimental Beach is a beach club and restaurant that is a part of the coveted Experimental Cocktail Club (ECC) scene in Paris and New York. It's all about indulging in innovative cocktails here in case you haven't yet guessed by the name. Bonus: Inside you'll find their chic beach shop, Treasure Chest.

Not far from Experimental Beach is Es Cavallet right by the restaurant El Chiringuito. My good friends Rob and David summer in Ibiza every year and gave me their glowing reco before I left: "Chiringay - our favorite beach. It's about a 10-15 minute walk through the dunes from the parking lot of El Chiringuito, on the beach of Es Cavallet. Full of cheerful gays and friends, the food and alcohol are never ending, and the water is crystal clear on a good day." 

Another stone's throw away is the flashy 'n swanky Ushuaia Beach Club and Hotel. If you blink you just might miss George and Amal Clooney slipping though the flamingo entrance to the pool bar. If that's your thing :)

The sunsets in Ibiza are crazy and a prime spot to catch the fiery skies is at Platges de Comte right by Sunset Ashram where you can dance to a drum circle 'til dawn and before you know it you've completely surrendered to Ibiza hippy-dom. Congrats!

Back to my sanctuary of a home, Can Lluc. Their modern take on rustic Balearic cuisine is both playful and delicious. Most photo-worthy was this cool clothes-line display, with smoked salmon and jamòn clipped on like hung laundry, lentil soup in shot glasses, mini coca with tomato and spinach, and sobrassada meat balls. This was just the appetizer.

When in Ibiza, go big or go home! The cabaret show at Lìo is entertaining/ridiculous/hilarious and worth a visit. Check out some of the show in my snapchat vid below: