Exquisite River is an immersive dinner experience created by old pals of mine, Zoe Komarin and Yonatan Rosen, that joins Zoe's heartwarming and innovative food with Yonatan's charming storytelling and customized art and design. To capture Exquisite River's magical reimagining of a passover seder (the evening's theme) for Zoe and Yonatan, my friend Erik and I came with nothing but our personal cameras (and a huge appetite!) in hand.  If you're going to be in New York, Berlin, or Los Angeles in the next few weeks and would like to experience the coming together of incredible food, storytelling, and memory (I mean, who doesn't?!), check out ExquisiteRiver.com for dates and info on securing tickets. In the meantime, enjoy this little taste of the Exquisite River magic: