the regal invite
I got an invite from the Danish Consulate General a couple of weeks ago to his house to see a band named The William Blakes perform. I didn't know that we had a Danish Consulate General, but thought, hey, I love the Danes, and there's free booze and a band that's intrigued me with their rather interesting choice of Wayne Coyne as their album title.
the william blakes setting up in the living room
The evening turned out to be a lot of fun... it was like a college house party, albeit in the middle of Rosedale. The band was super-charged (I counted 8 members including a fierce drumming DUO) and performed like they were having the best time of their lives. The house was also absolutely gorgeous (I chickened out of taking a photo of the bathroom that was the size of my studio apartment), and made me wonder why I didn't become a Canadian Consulate General in say, London, and live in a government funded mansion in Hampstead Heath, where I could throw parties and show-off my favourite new Canadian bands. I have feeling the Consulate does a little more than that, but who knew, right??