Flew into Manchester on the red eye this morning and got picked up by our handsome driver, Keith who drove us about an hour and half's trek straight to Sheffield.

Once in Sheffield, we made our way to the Sheffield FC's practice space. As soon as we hit the field, the first thing came to mind was, "This is SO Bend It Like Beckham." Whatever, I love the movie and it's amazing. 

We were greeted by the incredibly friendly Sheffield FC staff who presented me with my very own jersey. 

Sheffield FC was founded in 1857 and is the world's first football team. Unlike most football teams, Sheffield FC is beloved by most and has no rivalry. 

I shockingly surprised myself by nailing the kick pass.In classic British hospitality, instantly as soon as the practice wrapped up, we were invited to come over to the pub next door called the Coach & Horses which is actually owned by the team. 

I was absolutely blown away by the welcome we got at the pub. We were treated to a tasting sample of their best brew, and when in Yorkshire, you gotta try their pudding. It was the perfect introduction to our 10-day trip. 

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