The mainstream music scene in Hong Kong is still very much dominated by Cantopop, a genre of music that mainly focuses on dramatic love songs sung by pretty young things. Not exactly my kind of thing but so deeply ingrained into the pop culture here. The huge stars in the game include Edison Chen and Joey Yung, but the scene is changing. TimeOut Hong Kong recently did an interesting feature on the changing face of Cantopop and how it’s starting to delve into the folk and rock territories. The love songs are still there but the sound is starting to evolve with new artists like singer-songwriter Luke Chow and rapper MC Jin breaking new ground.

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Kary Ng was apart of a girl group called Cookies when she was 15, then joined a rock band called Ping Pung, and now barely in her twenties, she’s a huge Hong Kong star who can be seen plastered on billboards around the city, selling out arenas, and taking Cantopop to its next level. I invited Kary to come meet me at Ozone, also known as the highest bar in the world located in the highest hotel in the world, to teach me the ways of Cantopop while taking in some delicious cocktails and tapas. You know me, I always gotta get food in there!
Being a huge beauty junkie, I wanted to know Kary’s favorite place to buy all those special cosmetic brands that are exclusive to Asia, so she took me to Harbour City to shop around their Faces department (cue ultra-girlie moment) and yes, I just about died. And between us, I also just really wanted to see what going around Hong Kong with one of their own pop stars would be like- basically, lots of giggling young girls gathering around with their iPhones is what happens. Anyway, I think I left with about 3 cases of fake lashes, bottles of bb creams and mousses, and jars upon jars of moisturizers and powders. See, I’ve got all the pro’s and con’s of Asian skin so I needed to stock up since I didn’t know when I would ever be back in Hong Kong again. A yellow girl’s gotta do what a yellow girl’s gotta do, ok? That being said, I cannot wait to come back to buy more.