Day 2 began with a gorgeous stroll around the old city of Lyon. Here, there are incredible buildings with a strong Italian influence that are connected by these cool passages via alleyways called a "traboule."

It's a pretty rad experience going through these traboules because if it's your first time walking in, you have no idea what to expect at the end of the passage. I can guess that this is probably a very popular make-out spot. My favourite traboule ended with this apartment and abandoned well.

After dinner at Kys along the Rhone River, I hit some Nuits Sonores parties that were also happening on the water. Tsugi's party was INSANE. Even though every corner of Lyon was throwing a party, when we were leaving in the early morning, there was still a huge crowd waiting to get in.

This is me and Marine from the Lyon tourism office getting a taste of why Nuits Sonores is one of the best electronic music fests around.

Tomorrow, we hit the quirky and political BEN exhibit at the Contemporary Art Museum and meet up with Busy P at Mini Sonores (an electronic dance party for kids aged 4-10... amazing).

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