Having spent almost a week in Lyon, it was time to get my shopping fix, so I hit Le Village des Créateurs. Located at Passages Thiaffait, it is a small area occupied by 10 independently run and designed stores. My favs were Vintage Midinette, which is loaded with very Parisian pieces, and Le Tube a Essai, a store run by students from the fashion institute and filled with new designers from around the world. I bought a gorgeous pair of high-waisted paperbag trousers from Romania, a bracelet from China, and a necklace from Lyon at Le Tube a Essai. I always try to buy pieces by local talent from every city I visit, so that was definitely more than well accomplished today.

Having happily spent all my Euros, I picked Uffie up and went to Le Brasserie Georges, a famed Lyon restaurant that is massive and full of atmosphere. It is very French, complete with a live band at the front of the house. It was also a bit of a splurge, but Uffie and I were more than happy to indulge.

We ordered Os à Moelle à la Croque au Sel de Guérande (bone marrow that you spread on bread and top off with crunchy Guerande salt), Escargots de Bourgogne en Coquille (snails from Burgundy drenched in garlic and butter), seafood pasta, a duck plate, and a bottle of this delicious white wine.

While stuffing our faces with food and wine, we chatted about her new album Sex Dreams and Denim Jeans, her adorable 7-month old daughter Henrietta, and the pressures and stress of her current insanely packed schedule.

The absurd/delicious highlight at Georges was this dessert bomb that had ice cream and cake in the centre with a fluffy meringue shell that was lit on fire. It got completely devoured.

After our huge meal, we went back to Marche Gare, the home of Nuits Sonores, and met up with the hilarious Angus and Aaron from Liars backstage.

After joking about our height difference and how ridiculous we look together (I'm 5'2" and Angus is over 6'5"), we scoured the backstage area and tried some Liars comedy with new friends.

In-person, the personality of Liars is a drastic contrast to the dark and often-described as "creepy" sound of their most recent album, Sisterworld. Angus says that they will be hitting Pop Montreal this year, so look out for that. Aaron also talked about his skills in the kitchen (he's cooked cow tongue for Angus in the past), so don't be surprised if you see me do an edition of In the Kitchen With... Liars one day.

At this point, it was about 1am, so we ran to catch Uffie, saw a bit of Gang of Four, hit the candy table, and ended our amazing run of Nuits Sonores with Liars on the outdoor stage.

Thanks to all the bands who experienced Lyon with me and the tourism office & ATOUT France for making it all come together for us!

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