The 2-hour train ride from Paris to Lyon was absolutely stunning. Right now in Lyon is the Nuits Sonores music festival where acts like Liars, Almighty Defenders, Busy P, and Uffie are performing.

My first introduction to Lyon was meeting up with John and Brigid from Thee Oh Sees and visiting the Parc de la Tete d'Or... I'm definitely not used to this gorgeous setting as a festival backdrop. It was the first time in the French city for all three of us, so it was really nice to be able to experience a day in Lyon together.

Brigid's bike got a flat tire and my bike was way too big for me, so it definitely got interesting. After the park, we went to a massive market called Les Halles Paul Bocuse where we ate the most amazing macarons and a Lyon-specialty called Les Veritables Tartes a la Praline at the Seve patisserie. Don't let the bright blood-red fool you, it's actually really delicious (*note the almost empty box).

After dropping off John and Brigid, I met up with King Khan and Cole from Almighty Defenders for a very appropriate wine-tasting. I had a feeling this would be a good time.

I can't even remember how many different wines we tasted before we asked for the spit-bucket. If you're a wine lover, it is a must to go for a wine-tasting in Lyon. I guarantee you will experience the best wines in your lifetime. I took the boys to Vavro & Co which is owned by a wife and husband duo who were incredibly friendly and knowledgeable.

From the car ride to the wine-tasting, Cole and King Khan had me in a constant laughing fit. King Khan, the ever-generous dude that he is, insisted I accept his strawberry shower -cap beret and wear it during the tasting. It goes well with the outfit, no?

I was so impressed with Cole's curiosity about the history and emotion of each wine we tasted. Hearing him say: "I can really taste the 10 year old air in this" was the best highlight. He actually ended up buying a 1967 vintage. 

After a wine-tasting in Lyon, what else do you do but go out for a swanky dinner, right? The lovely ladies from the tourism office, Sophie and Marine, took us for a swish meal at Silk.

Here are are some shots from Thee Oh Sees show later that night at Marche Gare:

Coming up: look out for posts on where to eat in Lyon, cute places to shop, and of course, more gallivanting around the city with badass bands.

Bonne nuit xx

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