Currently running right now at the Contemporary Art Museum of Lyon is the extraordinary retrospective exhibit by BEN. The three-level exhibit is a wild experience taking you from his well-known statement pieces like "tout est art" ("all is art" in English) to his stream of conscious work, to these huge structures like the crazy house below (at the very bottom) where every inch has been meticulously detailed with objects that speak to BEN's political and social views.

After having my mind officially blown, I ran over to this crazy little party called Mini Sonores. Nuits Sonores is so passionate and supportive of electronic music that they started a festival to mold and train future festival-goers.

DJing at the inauguration of the event was Ed Banger's Busy P who brought out the jams from Uffie, Daft Punk, and Major Lazer to the riled up crowd of kiddies. Mini Sonores is open to kids aged 4-10, and trust me, these kids put us to shame. They jumped up on top of the deck, climbed on top of Busy P, and surrounded him way past his set was done, encouraging the famed DJ to keep entertaining them.

Tomorrow, I get my indie designer and vintage shopping fill at Le Village des Créateurs, take Uffie out for a fancy dinner at a bouchon, and meet up with Liars backstage to close off Nuits Sonores.

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