In Aarhus, I was greeted by David from Veto who took on the challenge of showing me around town for the day. Aarhus is about a 3 hour road trip from Copenhagen and the second you arrive, you'll be hit by a really cool intimate vibe.

We started by walking through the centre towards the Latin Quarter, where David's cousin owns and runs a super rad ping pong bar called Shen Mao. This space used to be an old bank and they just exploded parts of it and used the shattered walls as part of the design. Sections that were blown out provide seating and convenient spots to hold your drinks.

My ping pong skills in Aarhus proved slightly better than my iceskating in Copenhagen, thankfully.

After some cider and a game of ping pong, we popped by a great record shop called BadstueRock, and then Summerbird for some decadent Danish hot chocolate. The Latin Quater is lined with amazing one-of-kind boutiques and I really dug how each building has a unique look and stands apart from each other. If you're into taking a mini-break but still want to indulge in great shopping, drinking, and eating, definitely, try to make your way out to Aarhus when you're in Denmark.