So, here's the thing about me. Other than running and jumping really fast, I have zero athletic ability. So, when I was asked to iceskate with Oh No Ono in Frederiksberg, I could already envision the catastrophe. I ended up ditching the helmet and thought holding onto the rails for dearlife would look cooler. It actually ended up being really fun and the guys were such good sports, even if I did end up being an embarassment to all Canadians.

To heal my bruised ego, I went to Andersen's Bakery to do what I do best... eat. Andersen's hot dogs are unlike any hotdog you've ever had. The bun is crusty on the outside and soft in the inside and the toppings consist of fresh pickles, ketchup and a special sauce that's like a combination of tartar sauce and mustard. So damn good.