I started today off by visiting Maria from MoonSpoon Saloon, who was just fresh off of showing at Copenhagen Fashion Week. We went through their collection for F/W 2011 which introduced some sunny inspiration (a nod to designer Sara Sachs' new residence in L.A.) and body con items that were a departure to the typically voluminous brand. I fell right in love with an Eifel Tower sweater that had UFOs on the sleeve... I just might have to put an order in for that.

MoonSpoon has dressed Bjork, Lauryn Hill, Beyonce and Lady Gaga (note the American flag get-up in the Telephone video) as well as provided the costumes for Fever Ray's Metropolis musical.

This fashion/art collective is insane and I could have easily spent hours in the showroom which also houses artist Tal R's workspace.

Next stop, I paid the head chef of Jacobsen a visit... well, more like I made him come in on his day off to show me his coveted malt ice cream over cracked ice dessert. 

It was pretty damn delicious. Malt ice cream with Swedish berries, meringue, pickled pear, grape oil, and malt rye crumble. Yessir.

I ended the day by going over to Rasmus from Efterklang's house where he and fellow bandmate Thomas greeted me with fresh-pressed coffee and a heartwarming look at their new film with Director Vincent Moon called An Island.

The film is beautifully made and Rasmus and Thomas shared with me their favourite scenes which included a recording with their parents in a barn as well as a visit to a school where the children also participated in an impressive performance. If you go on their website, you can still arrange to throw what they have called "private public" screenings. It's such a refreshing concept where anyone in the world can hold a public screening of the film in their own home... bringing people together to enjoy a stunning piece of work at no cost. I can't believe no one thought of this before.

I know, I'm such a sap but hearing what an emotional and memorable experience making this film was on this tiny little Danish island for the band was the perfect way to end my first day in Copenhagen. 

Tak! Vi ses.