To shut down our last Copenhagen night in style, we met up with our new pals in Giana Factory. We started in Loui's apartment where Lisbet and Sofie were already getting the festivities started by making strawberry daiquiris from scratch. Fancy.

After knocking back a couple of Giana Factory daiquiris, the girls started jamming and played me their single, "Rainbow Girl."

The first stop of our nightlife guide was a party thrown at a swimming pool where Glasvegas was djing. The two bands are old friends and James from Glasvegas actually contributed a remix of "Rainbow Girl" for Giana Factory's upcoming remix album.

After catching up with the Glasvegas boys, we headed to Simons where the girls were djing the after-party to the swimming pool party. Are you following me here? Yeah? Okay.

We were joined at Simons by Mette from Asteroids Galaxy Tour, and with the addition of cava service and amazing tunes, good times were had.

Also a massive bonus here in Copenhagen? You can drink on the streets. Lisbet handed us these delicious apple cider cocktails that I wish I was sober enough to ask how to make.

This was the absolute perfect way to end my week in Copenhagen, a good ol' fashioned booze up with new friends. Thanks to all the bands who welcomed us into their homes and treated us like family, and to Bruce Sinclair & the Danish Trade Commission for making this trip possible. 

Jeg elsker dig xx