I had such an amazing time in Copenhagen that there’s still a few more wicked places that I want to include in here should you ever venture over:

Vesterbrogade 40
1620 København 
I know it seems a bit ridiculous that I would find my favourite Vietnamese restaurant in Copenhagen of all places, but it’s true. Trust, LêLê’s will be one of the freshest, most richly flavourful Vietnamese meals you’ll have in your lifetime. I recommend the “Ca chien” which is Golden Dorado with tamarind, ginger & mint sauce served with banana blossom salad with fried shiitake mushroom & jasmine rice, and the “Pho bò” beef noodle soup - based on beef, vegetables and spices, and served with slices of beef, herbs and rice noodles.

Slagterboderne 1
1716 København
I went to Paté Paté for dinner before doing our night jaunt in the meatpacking district. I really dug the hearty menu of slow-cooked comfort food influenced by French, Moroccan and Spanish cuisine. My favourite item of the night was the chickpea chorizo soup.

Krystalgade 4
1172 København
I first discovered Time’s Up through their webshop where I previously ordered an oversized vintage Christian Dior shirt (same one I'm wearing in the Jolene pic below). When I finally visited the shop, I actually met the owner who’s super rad and told me that he’s opening a new location in New York very soon. Time’s Up has an impeccable selection of unique designs from around the world.

Flaesketorvet 94
1711 København
So Jolene used to be an old slaughterhouse and is located in (surprise!) the meatpacking district. We hit Jolene on our last night in Copenhagen and I was really won over by the intimate and non-pretentious atmosphere. Expect a tiny hot and sweaty dance floor, but at the same time, a very chill vibe.
With Vanessa Larkey, our camera gal