Just arrived in Copenhagen to shoot the next Sharlene Vs. for MTV and it's tropical weather (5°C) compared to the frozen temps back home in Toronto. Naturally, the first thing we did was to delve head first into gluttony at Europa Cafe where I had the most amazing platter of cheeses, smoked salmon and shrimp, beef carpaccio, and cured ham.

Afterwards, we went on a cosy boat ride along the canals to get acquainted with the various areas in Copenhagen that we'll be tackling this week.

Lots of rad shit planned for the next few days: a visit to Henrik Vibskov's studio, dropping by Efterklang's home to screen and talk about their new film with Vincent Moon called An Island, checking out MoonSpoon Saloon's latest collection, and meeting up with The Asteroids Galaxy Tour, Giana Factory, Oh No Ono, Veto, and Figurines... and of course, more eating. On the must-eat list: Bo Bech's sourdough bread, hot dogs from Andersen's Bakery and the original Danish Isbar (ice cream sandwich) from Lydolph.