Predictably, the last two weeks in Mallorca, Ibiza and Madrid were absolutely delicious, sunny, and gorgeous and I’m currently going through major jamon and sunshine withdrawal.  I felt like I’d been talking about going on this trip for ages, having been planning the itinerary with the Spanish tourism board since earlier this year, so it made finally flying to Spain even more gratifying. In the next few weeks, I’ll be writing a series of stories about my time in the Balearic Islands (first one will be posted on W Dish this month) but in the meantime, here are some of my favorite moments from Palma de Mallorca.


Epic mid-fifteenth century wooden doors at the Sa Llotja building - there are deep markings made by swords all over the doors (before meditation and yoga made it into the mainstream, you'd let out your aggression this way, I believe is the totally accurate historic reason). Rebecca Horn also just ended an exhibit of her light sculptures here.


Gaudi was famously hired to restore La Seu Cathedral but it was never finished due to conflicts with the contractor surrounding his unconventional vision. The mosaic floor, at least, was completed and conveys a beautifully rare minimalistic approach by Gaudi.

Inside La Seu where Gaudi's paper model of the "Crown of Thorns" suspended above the altar was left unfinished in 1914.

The controversy didn't end in 1914, from 2000-2006, artist Miquel Barcelo spent 4 million on creating a surreal polychromatic mural in the St. Peter's chapel to the right of Gaudi's Crown of Thorns. 

I'm such a sucker for colorful tiles and this little spot was perfectly Chiu-sized.

Preferred mode of transportation, impeccably lined-up in front of charming apartments.

The red light district is very small. Basically just down this alley, preceded by two walls of colorful graffiti. 

Where jamon dreams come true - Mercado del Olivar. 

I was so bummed that this store was closed - just peeking through the window, I became obsessed with everything in it.

The exterior of said store :( Note: even though the store was closed, there were items hanging outside, unsecured. I dig a city with strong trust in its residents (and visitors!).

Cheeky sculptures along the old walls of Palma. 

A truly #treatyoself kind of lunch at the Nixe Palace. What to do first - eat that gorgeous halibut or look at that gorgeous view? First world problems at its peak. For more food porn from my meal at Nixe, check out the Mallorca Eats post.

Exploring the extensive Pilar + Joan Miro foundation and museum grounds.

It's hard not to be captured by Miro's diverse range of vibrant sculptures, paintings, drawings, graphics, ceramics, murals, tapestries, glass work and costumes (he really did do it all) and want to live with all of them.

The inspiring studio at Fundacio Pilar I Joan Miro. I wasn't very familiar with Miro before this trip and now, am obsessively hooked.

Bellver Castle's rooftop view of the city is definitely the biggest draw but the interior is also worth a look. 

After almost a year of writing for Trivago, I got to meet my editor (Perri) and fellow Canadian writer (Natalia) in person. Trivago's based in Dusseldorf but they happened to be working out of their Mallorca office (lucky ladies!) the same time I was in town - kismet! To celebrate, we hit my lovely hotel (about a 20min drive from Palma), OD Port Portals' beautiful rooftop with some cava and a lot of sunset.

Best surprise: seeing this when I got back to my hotel room gave my OCD self more joy than you can ever imagine. Huge S/O to the housekeeping staff at OD Port Portals for intuitively knowing what's good.

The beautiful walk along Puerto Portals to dinner at Flanigan's. Mallorca gives great sky as also evidenced below.


Sunset at PuroBeach - this incredible view is on your way to the airport and I'd like to think, the perfect send-off, especially after one (or three) of PuroBeach's delicious cocktails.

Some fun snapchat vids above and below that were made in the mo in Palma.