Eating in the Mediterranean is such a treat and I always count my lucky stars each time I get to do so - the fresh seafood, the sweet sun-soaked tomatoes... THE GELATO. So, it's no shocker that you can eat well easily in Mallorca. Every meal I had always started with perfectly fried calamari and a platter of jamón ibérico because why not. Here are some of the best eats I had on the trip.

Berenjena Rellena (delicious eggplant stuffed with veal) at Cafeteria Sant Salvador in Artà.

Frito Mallorquin with potatoes, mushrooms, peas, red pepper, eggplant and suckling pig liver.

Halibut stew with rice and calamari at Nixe Palace in Palma.


Nixe Palace's Mallorcan gato - almond cake with coffee gelato.

Hierbas slushy and lime sorbet at Nixe. As often as I was treated to regular helpings of calamari and jamòn was as frequent as the servings of the hierbas liquor, Tùnel. It's full of healthy herbs, so it's good for you ;)

The mandarina gelato in Sòller. Words cannot express the bright, fresh citrus-y goodness in pure gelato form.

Mallorcan pastries including the island's specialty, the ensaimada - here, topped with slices of Sòller oranges, mangoes and almonds.

Tombet - like a ratatouille topped with a farm-fresh egg at Flanigan.

Flanigan's "apple pie" made from baking layers of buttery crêpes with apple filing until crispy.

Sobrassada so soft that it spreads on the pan con tomate like butter and drizzled with local honey at La Residencia in Deià.

Assortment of Balearic cheeses and charcuterie at La Residencia.

The shepherd's lunch at La Residencia ends with the famous crème brûlée ensaimada. As if crème brûlée couldn't be better, you add a sweet, flaky pastry to it. Unreal.

Son Brull's red mullet with white asparagus in Pollença.

Pollença lamb with roasted garlic parmentier at Son Brull.

OD Port Portal's (my hotel and Mallorcan home for the week) breakfast selection is incredible and above all, the wait staff is so pleasant and attentive, making the stay so much more memorable.

Whenever I'm in Spain, I can eat jamón ibérico breakfast, lunch and dinner, and never get tired of it. I'm surprised my nose hasn't turned into a snout yet. This one's from our welcome dinner at OD Port Portals.

Rosé that's way more delicious and appealing than it's label at PuroBeach in Palma. With the location being close to the airport and a prime sunset viewpoint, it's the perfect send-off.

For those wanting more of a detox approach before a flight, the mango and strawberry slushies are delicious.

The sunset view at PuroBeach. Life is good.