Okay, I LOVED Sòller. I know Palma is the star of Mallorca but I was completely won over by this charming town - the fresh citrus in the air, the slower pace, the incredible views and the cute overload seen on every corner of every street. Have I mentioned I loved Sòller?

To infinity. Pool goals at Jumeirah Port Sòller Hotel & Spa.

The view of Port Sòller from Jumeirah's sea view suite.

Breakfast spread of smoked salmon wraps, empanadas, lemon meringue tarts, chocolate bites and cakes topped with jam (that has more of a purée consistency) made from Sòller-grown canoneta oranges. For more food porn, check out my Mallorca Eats post.

I have this thing with Jumeirah's floors.

It's hard not to have a permanent gigantic smile walking down these streets. Do you see the mountains in the background? Yup, those are the famous Serra de Tramuntana Mountains.

Being the town of citruses, you have to try everything that's made from them here. The flavors are so much more intense than what you get at home. The mandarina gelato? Oh man. This gelato shop is located right beside a small store called Fet a Sòller on c/ Romaguera where I picked up some olive oil, orange marmalade (that purée consistency won me over earlier) and lemon jam - all grown locally.

There was no shortage of ensaimadas on this trip, it's a Mallorcan pastry mainstay but this one is topped with mango, orange and almonds. I only passed by this and took a pic because I had just eaten 2 breakfasts AND gelato but looking at this now I'm consumed by regret. Lesson? EAT EVERYTHING.

Rather than driving to Sòller, it's much easier and way more fun to ride a vintage train in from Palma.

Like I said, charm overload!

This was a really cute moment. While stopping at the main square, Plaça Constitucid, to take some photos, I noticed this old man also taking photos from his balcony in the distance. We ended up taking a photo of each other and waved hello. Ugh I'm such a sap. 

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