Description: Our much-loved donkeys—Pancho, Luna and Alba—will accompany you on a trek through our olive groves. Admire the tranquil landscape of the Tramuntana Mountains before stopping for an unforgettable picnic lunch in a stone shepherd’s hut. 

- The Donkey Trail at Belmond La Residencia.

Love this sneaky shot I got of Pancho walking by the olive groves.

Love this sneaky shot I got of Pancho walking by the olive groves.

When I stumbled upon this excursion at La Residencia in Deià during my research of the Balearic Islands (and learning that the donkeys are loved and cared for like the residents themselves), I made it a must-visit. Hiking on a trail overlooking stunning Tramuntana AND being able to see adorable donkeys on the way (I think it's their underdog status that gets me) AND eating a rustic Mallorcan meal out in the countryside?! Sign. Me. Up. 

The scenic hiking trail begins...

Where there are apple slices, there will be Pancho and Luna. 

Once at top, this beautiful setting awaits.

A spread of cured meats, cheeses and olives to start.

I look like I'm on a mission here. After watching the amazing Chef Nicolas Gámbón make pa amb tomàquet (in Catalan, or pan con tomate in Spanish), I got to try my hand at it as well. 

The key is to use tomàtiga de ramellet tomatoes and (duh) very good olive oil (but you really can't go wrong with any olive oil that's made in Mallorca).

The best thing I ate during the whole trip - sobrassada (different from Italian soppressata) sausage spread on pan con tomate and drizzled with local honey. It's the meeting of sweet and savoury that dreams are made of.

Butifarra sausages.

The best Mallorcan olive oil.

Coca (a savoury pastry) with trempò (tomatoes, onions and green peppers) and empanadas in the background. Diet food.

Dessert heaven: crème brûlée ON TOP of a gigantic ensaimada (a sweet flaky spiral pastry).

I've learned restraint and only had two slices.

A quick snapchat made during the hike and lunch (excuse the spelling mistakes that were made and uploaded in the moment!). For more Balearic deliciousness, check out my Mallorca Eats post.

A view of one's own from inside one of the suites at La Residencia.

The artist's compound. I could have stayed here for days.

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