Road trips around the coast and through the interior's countryside and villages is what I think makes Mallorca such an ideal destination. Here are a few fave moments during a scenic drive north to Artà and Pollença.

Can you believe I've never seen a pomegranate tree IRL before? I mean a single pomegranate in Toronto costs like 5 bucks so it took all my might not to stash a bunch in my tote. This stunner is from the garden of Saint Juniper Serra's childhood home in Petra (a tiny quiet town near Artà).

The grand cliffs by the Caves of Artà

The view from inside the caves (apologies for the blur, it was a bit dark inside). TBH the whole excursion here is a bit Disney and I probably could have skipped it but at the same time it was kinda cool so I'm torn - there's a tour guide who takes you through all the columns, rocks, stalactites and stalagmites (all of which stand-out individually as its own unique art piece, really) and there's a light show called "Hell." Check out the snapchat vid at the bottom of the post.

The first rainy moment happened as we approached Santuari de Sant Salvador - a massive walled fortress on a hilltop giving a 360 view of Artà.

The "you mean Mallorca gets 360 days of sunshine a year but I got the 1 of 5 rain days?" look. I kid, even in the rain, the backdrop is stunning.

Hearty home-cooked goodness for lunch to counter the rainy vibes at Cafeteria Sant Salvador. Pictured above is Berenjena Rellena (delicious eggplant stuffed with veal). For more deliciousness from this meal, check out my Mallorca Eats post.

The star namesake right there - Sant Salvador.

The moody blue view from the Formentor outlook.

As a lover of all things visual and design, the visit to Teixits Vicens' family-run textile factory in Pollença was such a fabulous eye-porn treat.

Teixits Vicens still manufactures the ikat technique they've been using since 1854.

See some of the process below:

The day trip to Pollença ended with the most amazing spa treatment and dinner at Son Brull that it deserved its own blog post

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