When looking to treat yourself in Mallorca, Son Brull in Pollença is a no-brainer. Surrounded by the lush green countryside, I was captivated by the immaculately kept property and sleek modern design of the interior. I especially love how almost all the products they use at the spa and in the kitchen are in-house produced and grown right from their backyard. Here's a rundown of my quick spa and dine break at Son Brull.

You really can't paint a better setting than this.

My wonderful massage therapist, Marie José.

Post-treatment relaxation by the pool. I actually didn't have enough time here beyond being able to take a peek but man, does it look good. A reason to come back that's for sure.

The outdoor bar and dining area.

A classy dinner at 3/65. #TREATYOSELF

Red mullet with white asparagus.

Pollença lamb with roasted garlic parmentier.

The most beautiful apricot cake. For more gluttonous action, check out my Mallorca Eats post.

Bonus: I was in need of a straw hat to beat the heat and look who just happens to include them in their rooms. Thank you Son Brull for thinking of everything.

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